Translation Services
HS Translation services provide language services in English and Turkish and French. I am a highly qualified Turkish/English/French translator . I am also registered as a Chartered Linguist, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpreting and M.A in International Politics in the U.K.
I provide translation, interpreting, proofreading, transcription, and localisation services. Whether you are in need of official translations or seeking to get a personal piece of writing translated, I could help you.
Simple Quotations
All you need to do is to summarise your needs in an email to get a quotation. I will bring the simplest solution to your personal needs through affordable services, with the flexibility you need.

Variable Solutions

Translation services include the translation of all kinds of documents, from official to personal ones in Turkish, French and English.
Interpreting services are offered for simultaneous, consecutive, telephone interpreting. 
Proofreading services are useful to make sure that texts are translated accurately, which is very important for both official and personal translations.
Transforming audio files into written text might be needed in some cases. I provide transcription services for Turkish, English and French audios.
Sometimes translating the source text is not sufficient, the translation should also be adapted to the local market’s culture.